edo ergo sum

Five things about me

1) I live in one of the greatest restaurant cities in the world and rarely eat out.

I’m cheap and never got into the habit of going to restaurants alone. I don’t do take-out by myself, either, so I either cook for myself or don’t eat.

Thankfully, New York is also one of the greatest ingredient cities in the world and I live in Queens, which means it’s a short hop to anything I could imagine.

2) I will never be the best cook in the family.

Dad was the kind of chef who can do anything as well as a high-end restaurant and make it look easy. I am grateful to have some of his cookbooks and notes.

3) I am omnivorous except when I’m not.

I eat all fruits and vegetables except raw tomatoes, but I am not a fan of cooked carrots or parsnip in any form. Except I do make carrot soup constantly in the winter and use parsnips in my chicken soup, so I’m apparently one of those kinds of picky eaters.

I don’t eat pork or shellfish, but I’ve had both many times. I miss shrimp and mussels and am very glad the Bacon Everything trend has passed.

I don’t eat enough meat considering that I am chronically anemic and take medication that exacerbates that. But I have a low poultry threshold and I’m too ill-educated about beef to be useful with it, which is hilarious considering the butchers in my family tree. However, I will eat anything if it comes in sausage casing.

I could live on bread. I have lived on bread. I eat a lot of carbs. I’m okay with that.

I wish I could live on cheese.

4) I have no pretensions of originality, grandeur, or insight about cooking.

This blog is totally so that I can post pictures of my adventures, misadventures, and occasional successes and demand that people I know look at them.

My kitchen is in desperate need of a gut renovation, my pots are older than my kitchen, and my kettle needs a power wash. I am not airbrushing them out.

This is not a food blog with pretense.

5) There is no number five.


2 thoughts on “edo ergo sum

  1. Your blog is so funny! I love the tone of your writing, and your recipes look really good.

    I also have a strong intolerance for cooked carrots and parsnips (raw tomatoes too <- bleh), but in the winter there's not too much else to go around. The only way I'll eat them is if I shave them down with a peeler into ribbons, then blanch them for about 15 sec in heavily salted water (top 'em with pasta sauce, and you'd never know they're good for you).

    Anyway, good posts! I'll be sure to check back in.

    • Thank you very much! I’ve been posting entirely for family and friends, so it’s awesome to hear from someone who isn’t obligated to be nice to me. 🙂

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