take me out to the ballgame

Citi Field is supposed to have a wealth of fine stadium dining opportunities. It has a Shake Shack, Blue Smoke, high-end sushi, Korean barbecue, taquerias, and dozens upon dozens of other options including the old standbys of dogs and fries and pretzels.

I finally got to Citi for a baseball game last weekend. It was my first at the new stadium, but I seem to have brought my old habits with me. I packed dinner.


This is my big bento. It says on the bottom that it holds 1.1 liters (37+ ounces), but I’m a little dubious because the big compartment fits maybe a tablespoon more than my 10-ounce capacity thermos. Anyway, it’s still too big for lunch unless I’m going to put salad in the big compartment, so I don’t use it that often.



Tea-and-chili chana curry, made properly this time, and basmati rice.


Some of the cucumber and poppy seed salad and then a pluot and some blueberries.

I heated up the curry and kept the salad and fruit in the fridge until it was time to go. I checked with Citi Field’s rules about bringing food in – they’re more worried about liquid and bottles, but clear food containers are apparently fine. I say apparently because while I had to get on the line to get felt up/patted down by the female guard, the look into my backpack was cursory at best and I was not asked to unwrap the bento, which was covered in a tea towel and clear plastic bag.

All in all, it might not be as trendy as Shake Shack, but I think it worked fine for ballpark food.


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