too darned hot

blueberry smoothie

Heat waves in NYC are generally a few days long, once in a while stretching to maybe almost a week before there’s a thunderstorm and we’re back down to the muggy 80s instead of the sultry 90s.

banana smoothieAnd so the plan was to wait until the heat broke before updating the blog because the computer is in the hottest part of the house and sitting there editing the pictures and then writing up a blog post required turning on an air conditioner when it would have otherwise been postponable. In short, it would have been intolerable and ConEd would have loved me even more than it already does. Better to wait for the heat to break.

mint chip ice cream 

It’s now August and I’m still waiting for the heat to break. We’ve had maybe a week total of days below 90F, several days of it being over 100F, and we shall not speak again of the electric bill.

maple walnut ice cream

So clearly it’s time to buck up and be willing to sweat a little for the blog.


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