mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles


… or, cookies I’m not allowed to bring over to the BFF’s home without an alternate choice of dessert for her husband.

(The story: I brought chocolate-chai snickerdoodles to the BFF when I visited her in the hospital after she delivered her son. I don’t think she actually got to eat any, but her husband certainly did. And complained that I’d messed up perfectly good chocolate cookies with ‘weird ingredients.’ And so every times since then – that beautiful baby is three-and-change now – that I have brought chocolate anything over, I am asked by him if there is anything weird about it. Needless to say, I have never adulterated any chocolate baked good intended for their home since.)


These seemed like a nifty idea – chocolate, cinnamon, cayenne. It’s a fun combination that I’ve had before in other mediums and enjoyed. In execution they were… good. Very good. But they were not to-die-for awesome and I will confess that I let the last half-dozen or so get stale from lack of interest. (Not to fear; they made an excellent base for my chocolate pudding.)

Joe is right when he warns that you will feel the heat in the back of your throat rather than as a burn on the tongue. I think I would have preferred it on the tongue because, frankly, these gave me a bit of a sore throat, although I was also battling allergies at the time.

I will admit that I deviated from the recipe as written. First and foremost, the recipe is vegan and I just didn’t feel the need to bother with that, so I swapped out the oil for butter because everything tastes better with butter. I melted the butter to make sure I had equal volume, but next time, I think creaming butter that’s been merely softened will be fine and perhaps even preferable. Also, I’d consider knocking it back a few tablespoons, since I found the dough a little greasy. Not unworkably so and the final product had an excellent texture. But I don’t think it would hurt.

I also added chocolate extract and a pinch of espresso powder, since they are both excellent in bringing out the chocolate flavor in anything.



The dry ingredients, The cocoa powder looks disproportionately much.


The dough’s shiny and was greasy to the touch, but it came out fine. *shrugs*


The key to rolling cookies in sugar is simple: use a plastic baggie. You can do several at once without making a mess or fouling another bowl. You just load them up, close up the bag, shake, and you’re done.


Comme ca.


Flattening the balls gets you the cracks for pretty cookies.

As an aside, I have no idea why the sugar keeps looking like cornmeal in all of these photos.


Done. Don’t let my lack of hosannas be a turn-off. These were really good. And maybe as-written they would be super-awesome. But they were a fun change of pace, even if I can’t bring them as a house gift to the BFF.


2 thoughts on “mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles

    • They’re awesome and I really should make them more often than I do — and make them look more like these, which are much prettier.

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