tofu and mystery greens


Not as often as I’d like, I make my way into downtown Flushing, aka NY’s other Chinatown. I hit up my favorite flower tofu stand and get on the bus with heavily-weighted red plastic shopping bags… and having spent much less than $10. It’s a good time and a good deal.

On my most recent trip, in addition to the $.49/lb bananas and $1/quart strawberries and garlic and other essentials, I picked up some fresh (solid) tofu and mystery greens. In Flushing, you’re lucky if they post the price – you’re not going to get a label, let alone one in English. So I got something leafy and green that everyone else seemed to like a lot and decided to figure it out later.


The parental unit got this for me earlier this year. It’s more about the buying than the cooking, but it’s invaluable if you shop in East Asian markets and sometimes when you don’t – it’s good for guesstimating substitutions.

Anyway, Mr. Cost is responsible for me figuring out that my mystery greens:


Were this:


There were suggestions for what to do with this and other bok choy-related veggies, but I already had a plan.

Here is the original recipe. I made some trivial and non-trivial changes. At the end of the day, it’s still tofu and nuts and greens… just not the same nuts and not the same greens.


I did not get fancy with my tofu. It was not extra-firm or possessing sharp corners, so I wasn’t going to get very thin or delicate cuts out of it.


I have four different types of nuts in my freezer, but none of them are pecans (or pine nuts, if you saw the previous post). I like cashews better anyway and when I think of Chinese food and nuts, I don’t really think of pecans.


Chopped and pralined, more or less. I threw in a few red pepper flakes, but next time, I’ll be a little freer.


Right about now, I realized that that pretty substantial pile of greens wasn’t going to be enough.


And it wasn’t. This is what it looked like right at the end. The top picture is actually the reheated leftovers, for which I first sauteed the other half of my stash of yow choy.

For a quick weeknight dinner, this really worked. Some rice out of the freezer and I was good to go.


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