new and old additions

“There’s no need to replace it if it still works.”

Common sense and thriftiness both. Which explains why my television still relies on its rabbit ears in this age of digital broadcasting – nothing wrong with it, it’s just old. In the kitchen, it explains my fifty-year-old cake pans and griddle, my skillet with the handle broken off, and my dishwasher with the soap holder that doesn’t close and the ever-growing number of broken prongs.

But sometimes there’s a good reason for something new and shiny. Introducing my latest acquisitions:


I treated myself to a new bread knife. I’d been wanting to for a while – the one on top is a little short for some of my regular tasks and the wooden handle is warped and splintered from decades of washing (it hasn’t seen a dishwasher in the last twenty years, but the damage is done). Also, and I hadn’t really realized this until I got the new one, it’s not nearly as sharp as it had once been.

Tired of having to pause mid-slice to go pull splinters out of my hand, I splurged for this Victorinox, which as you can see is longer and does not have a wooden handle. This is my third Victorinox, after my chef’s knife and my paring knife, and I am quite happy with them. They’re inexpensive for the most part (I think the paring knife cost as much as the other two put together) and, hey, they’re Swiss army knives. And I’m not going to be able to afford an MKS blade any time soon.

As an aside, Amazon needs to investigate a wider selection of shipping boxes, since, well:


My other new purchase was less dramatic and less essential to my personal safety:


My two-cup measure is scratched-up plastic and has a lip around the pour spout, making a smooth pour difficult. I was comfortable going bigger because I am often measuring out larger amounts – 1.5 cups for pancakes, 2 2/3 cups for bread, and for all the soup that I make, 4-7 cups is common. I’d like to replace my cup measure eventually, too, but this is a good start.


The last new addition is really an old (old) recovery.


I used to love this pot when I was a kid.

IMG_2932 And it had nothing to do with the pot itself, which is basic Corningware of an unknown vintage. It’s the handle, which is detachable:


Twist the base and the handle unlocks and detaches. I don’t know why this fascinated me, but it did. And now it’s back in the kitchen, ready to boil eggs or, as it was used this past weekend, jar lids.

(I canned! Post forthcoming.)

And, finally, a bonus new addition, although to to the cookbook shelf and not the kitchen proper:


A belated birthday gift from S, a Calcutta native. I will find something (not brains with funugreek, though) to make from it soon.


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