chole palak (chick peas and spinach)


As with everyone, there are days when I get home from work and have zero desire to do any serious cooking, but at the same time I don’t want cereal or an omelet or any of the soups in the freezer. This recipe is a perfect one for those nights.

It comes from Manjula’s Kitchen and I’ll leave you to find the recipe and video there. About the only change I made is the one you can see above, which was to use a can of tomatoes instead of fresh, which I suggest anyway for the dead of winter because (I am told) tomatoes are wooden-tasting right now anyway.

Oh, and I also doubled the spinach, since mine was starting to go a little. I had been saving it for another recipe that had too long of a cooking time for a weeknight and the spinach wasn’t going to last until the weekend.

As a rule, I prefer dried beans to canned, but this recipe is all about the laziness and in highly spiced dishes it’s less of a factor.


My very, very sad jalapeno plus spices. I was so lazy, I didn’t even use the tiny bowls, which are in the same cabinet as these pyrex ones, but are nested.


Sad jalapeno well disguised and nicely contrasted.


Was not kidding about the spinach. The bowl is one of my Fiesta gaucho bowls, 24 ounce capacity, and the spinach is packed and overflowing.




Done. I didn’t really mash the chickpeas and, if you watch the video, you’ll see that this is less liquidy because of the extra spinach. But it was tasty and made a few excellent lunches in addition to one fast, satisfying dinner.


For the record, this was the spinach dal recipe I had to wait for a weekend for and, well, I have to say that it wasn’t worth the effort. It wasn’t bad, but three hours of cooking should result in something more outstanding. Or a good roast.


But I do feel obligated that much of last week’s meals involved this:



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