old fashioned blueberry cake


Blueberries! Molasses! Cake! Three things that are wonderful on their own and should be even more wonderful together. And yet… not so much?

This cake wasn’t bad. It was, perhaps, made lesser by the easiness with which one could imagine it to be improved. But it wasn’t inedible and the taste alone isn’t the reason I’m likely to not make this again.

The other reason? It’s a fussy, fussy recipe that requires a lot of kitchenware.


This? Is too much to clean for a mediocre cake, let alone one practically gravid with ways in which it could be better.


Here is the recipe if you’re inclined to see what’s what and what’s up.

On the list of improvements, I’d come up with a way to make the cake sweeter, preferably in a more interesting way than just powdered sugar, which I did try and it was better than plain. Heidi seems to have come to the same conclusion and suggested sweetened whipped cream, which would probably work well. Not having any cream in the house, I tried honey, golden syrup, pomegranate molasses, and marmalade (not all at once). I liked the honey and golden syrup options best, but if I’d had a good fruit compote or a coulis, I think that would be perhaps even better. Also, during the baking, I think a few spices would make things more fun – not to turn it into gingerbread, but maybe a little cinnamon or a little nutmeg would go a long way.



The recipe is perhaps unnecessarily fussy in the writing. You have to split five tablespoons of milk, then dose one with vinegar and the other with molasses and then combine the two.


Now, granted, it’s been a while since my last chemistry class, but I don’t think the average terrorist is throwing molasses and vinegar together to build a bomb, so I’d just skip this business and save a few bowls.


The batter comes together pretty easily after that, though.


I actually had fresh blueberries when I tried this recipe – it was actually the reason I picked out the recipe in the first place… before I saw that she was using frozen ones. So I took out the blueberries from the freezer and ate the fresh ones with my Cheerios.

This is way more flour than asked for, but it didn’t help – almost all of the blueberries sunk to the bottom anyway.


A little homey cake.  It got better after a couple of days and the one that I froze and defrosted a couple of weeks later was improved, too. But still, a lot of fuss for something less than awesome.


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