baingan bharta (eggplant curry)


A pretty fabulous (in many ways) source of Indian recipes is Manjula’s Kitchen, where the eponymous chef provides recipes alongside helpful and entertaining youtube videos.

When she posted this eggplant recipe in October, I knew I was going to make it pretty soon afterward. And I did and it was easy and tasty and I plan on repeating it.

The changes I made to the recipe were minimal: I used a small can of tomatoes because I never have fresh in the house and I peeled and cubed the eggplant (which was a big one) before sticking it in the microwave.

I didn’t mash the eggplant as thoroughly as she did or cut the pepper as finely, so my finished product had a bit more texture, but I am not displeased by that.


I wasn’t sure how apocryphal those ‘exploding eggplant’ stories were, so I peeled first. If you’re not roasting, then I don’t think it makes a whit of difference taste-wise.


Kalustyan’s spells coriander funny. The pepper pieces were a touch too big, but I didn’t want to dice them. Next time, a happy medium.


I’ve been eating this with rice. It freezes well, for the record.


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