sunday dinner, a pictorial

On the list of basic dishes I have managed to go this far without making has been pot roast. I’ve always been wary of making large meat dishes because I live alone and that’s a lot of leftovers. But I’m better about figuring out what to do with the leftovers, so now I have to master the basics. As always, I turned to Dad, who supplied me first with the meat and then with a recipe. It came out fabulously and I can’t wait to do it again.


The meat, in this case, a little more than a pound hunk of side steak.


Garlic, a large shallot, and a couple of skinny carrots. I am not traditionally a fan of cooked carrots, but I eat them more readily if they’re stewed unto death. There was also some celery, which was too sad to photograph. I skipped out on the parsnip because I always skip out on the parsnip.


Browning the meat in the dutch oven.


They look huge, don’t they? Zoom lens.


Ready for the oven. Sad celery, a bay leaf, and some red wine in evidence. Thyme is there if you look hard.


After the first braise.


All done.


And, of course, gravy.

The accompaniments were broccoli, which you don’t need to see pictures of, and some rolls I made sort of half-heartedly, although they came out fine.


The recipe for these came from one of the treasure trove of cookbooks I found hidden away, a collection of giveaways and trendy-at-the-time (for values of time being the 1970s) cookbooks that my father the packrat has never quite managed to get rid of.



This one, at least, has plenty of useful items. I’m a little more skeptical of the microwave cookbook with its recipe for pastry shells. More on those later in the year.


2 thoughts on “sunday dinner, a pictorial

  1. Never apologize for not using a microwave. I think I owned one (inherited from the parental units) for about a week before I carted it over to Goodwill. It just wasn’t worth the space it used on my countertop.

    • I love my microwave for its part in letting me live out of my freezer, especially in the winters when all I want is a hot meal fast. And in the mornings, it lets me defrost and heat up lunch to stick in my thermos all while eating my cereal. And it steams veggies well and makes oatmeal, albeit the latter usually volcanically. And it makes popcorn. But as a means of actually cooking, I can’t say I’ve ever used it with much of an eye toward complexity or finesse. I don’t even know how to use ninety percent of the buttons on the panel.

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