catching up, part one


The default state of the kitchen for much of the fall.


My greatest accomplishment during the hiatus was a humble one. I mastered the pancake learning curve. Sadly, this came after I had the BFF over for a pancake brunch, but I am now ready for a rematch.


Also, I should maybe invest in a maple syrup firm.


A few other new arrivals into the Kitchen That Time Forgot:


My new favorite spatula, in part because it is the spatula I haven’t melted or dyed funny colors with turmeric yet. It’s silicon and allegedly heatproof to 600F, but while I haven’t left it on the baking stones in the oven to test the promise, I have been able to use it in the dutch oven without incident.

There is also now a second KitchenAid bowl, one with a handle, which is pretty spiffy and extremely handy. There is no picture of it because it’s also very shiny and I can’t take a photo without the bowl reflecting me and the kitchen like a funhouse mirror.

I also bought an apron, mostly to use washing dishes, since I’m not really a threat to myself while cooking but I can’t clean up without getting a front full of water. But I’ve taken to wearing it while doing any sort of involved cooking and, especially, baking, since I do occasionally have incidents with the flour. It’s plain white cotton, easy to throw in the bleach load, and I quite like it.

On the ingredient front, I finally got my paws on two items I’d wanted to try for a while:


I’ve had recipes that call for golden syrup forever and every single one of them warns its American readers that you can substitute, but it won’t be the same because the taste is unique. And so now I don’t have to. The pomegranate molasses is just fun; I have recipes for it, but I’ve managed to go through half the bottle simply with vinaigrettes and drizzling it over fruit salads (it’s pretty awesome on pomegranate seeds – who knew?). It’s complex and not oversweet and different.


There was a lot of non-cooking, too, especially for that brief stretch when it stopped being late spring and actually became summer. I think it was in August.


(I just posted this picture because it’s 3F with the wind chill for maybe the fourth day out of five and there’s been snow or threat of snow since Thanksgiving.)


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