Let’s try this one again, shall we? An inconvenient computer burp, a crisis in blogging confidence, a lack of time and energy, and here we are six months later with nothing but silence in between. New Year’s resolutions are merely an organized way of setting yourself up for failure, so we’ll call them aspirations instead. The four C’s:

1) Committing to here. It’s not like I stopped cooking, just that I stopped believing it was interesting cooking. But not really, since I just blathered on in emails without accompanying photos. So might as well pick up again, right? Also, I have some new fodder since last we spoke:


I’ve had the 660 Curries since the summer, so I’m down to about 653 left to try and a couple I’ve made a few times. There are pictures, of course, but curry really is not very photogenic. Not that that will stop me from posting them.


2) Canning. I treated myself to canning equipment (jar lifter, wide-mouth funnel that will double as a thermos-loader) and the Ball preserving guide, so once those show up, I shall get myself some small canning jars – as opposed to the wide variety of glass jars sitting in my pantry already – and see if I can figure this out without giving myself botulism. I have been following Food in Jars, which makes everything sound very simple.


3) Carnivorous behavior. There should be more of it, she says as she looks over the collection of new vegetarian cookbooks. The tastemakers are insisting we eat less meat, that we eat meat only during daylight hours, that we eat it whilst standing on our heads… but some of us manage to eat meat once a fortnight and if it’s after 6pm, so be it. Eating meat is good for the environment, after all, and some of us are very anemic.


4) Cake. I am comfortable with my cookie prowess, so 2010 is going to be a Year of Cake. The BFF gifted me with a pair of very cute 6” pans for Chanukah:


These puppies are not only adorable in size, they are convenient for small-batch cake-making. A recipe for a 9”x2” pan (8 cups) can be split in half between two 6”x2” (4 cups) pans with no fuss or just halved in general to make one 6” cake, which is awesome for single people or small dinner parties. And, bonus, the cakes fit snugly in the Glad dinner-sized plastic reusable containers for easy transport.

My first test-drive was this raspberry buttermilk cake, which I used blueberries for, since that’s what was in the freezer and it was Christmas day:


I tried again for New Year’s Eve, this time with cranberries, since that’s also in the freezer (in truly frightening quantities – I think I’m down to 8 pounds). This time, however, my cake – as opposed to the one I brought with me to dinner – gets to chill out in my new cake stand, since there is no point of having 2010 be the Year of Cake if you are just going to be sticking them in tupperware:


And so here we are, beginning once again. I hope you’re still here and I intend to be, too.


3 thoughts on “Reboot

  1. That cake looks fluffy and delicious. I made cake this weekend too for my sister, and it turned out nicely, but somehow, a lot heavier than I would have liked. I guess I should just keep trying (not that that’s in any way a bad thing :D). Also, I envy your amazing looking pile of cookbooks.

  2. Happy to have you back on the Web. 🙂 Looking forward to your 3rd C especially, although Karen would be quite happy for us to focus on the vegetarian ones. To be fair, I am getting in touch with my inner vegetarian now too, so having interesting recipes on that side will be much appreciated.

    • Oh, hey, I can reply to comments now!

      I will admit that there’s nary a meat protein in sight as I burn off the summer and fall photos, but I came home from Dad’s with a hunk of beef for stew, so there will be that soon.

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