family-sized packages and the single girl


What we have here: (1) 3 lbs of 90% lean ground beef (it started out as 3.5, but I was making spaghetti and meatballs); (2) one scale; (3) one bowl; (4) one gallon-sized freezer bag; and (5) six sandwich baggies.


I measure my ground beef out in half-pounds (it’s a touch over because the total’s a touch over 3lb).


Getting as much air out as possible is a good idea. Flat-packing also allows for quicker defrosting.


All ready for the freezer. At a half-pound each, it’s easy enough to halve regular recipes – or take out extra packages if I want to use more.

I also single-pack things like chicken breasts, which makes it easy to cook just one without having to defrost a whole package.


2 thoughts on “family-sized packages and the single girl

  1. I do that too. When I buy chopped meat or chicken breasts/legs, etc. I wrap each piece separately before freezing. In the long run it’s much easier and more cost-effective than just coming home from the store and popping the whole package into the freezer.

  2. I’ve been vacuum packing my stuff, but it really gets to be a hassle, so I think I’ll save that for the stuff that I know will be sitting in the freezer for a while.

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