not quite ready for prime time fruit


After the winter has finally gone (or not; it was cold last week), spring and summer fruit appear and I’m always tempted to over-buy (especially when it’s on sale) despite knowing that it’s not going to be awesome. These strawberries were a case in point. They looked fabulous, they were 3 quarts/$5… and they were very disappointing. They did not smell of strawberries, I realized on the way home. They smelled almost off. But they weren’t off. They weren’t sweet, but they weren’t off. And so I ate some (and fed some to others with cream) and boiled down the rest. Eventually, I will learn that hothouse strawberries are not real strawberries.


All that’s here is strawberries, some orange juice concentrate, and some sugar.


Which was simmered down to this.


And is being put to good use.


The strawberries were definitely a case of ‘ooh, summer.’ But I will buy cherries at any point of the year so long as they are under $4/lb (which they are in Queens, but not in Manhattan). The current bowl in the fridge is being depleted at an embarrassingly rapid rate. Its predecessor, sadly, was unimpressive and I ended up cooking it. I was going to make a clafouti for Shavuos, but the oven was being balky again, so I did not.


I threw in some cranberries for the pectin, since my initial thought was to make jam. But then I realized that I should have cut up the cherries for that, instead of just pitted whole fruits, and so the cranberries just ended up being for tartness and a little thickening.


I opted not to boil it down unto death, just settling for loose-and-thick and not jammy.


Which I clearly achieved.


The yogurt is a funny color because it’s got wheat germ and cinnamon in it.


One thought on “not quite ready for prime time fruit

  1. Traditionally the early fruit has been made into some form of preserve; the quite high acid content helping to retard spoilage. Also, what is one to do with berries more sour than the average lemon?

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