cranberry jam


I generally have lots of cranberries in my freezer – I think I put away six pounds of them this fall – and use them in various fruit-related items. But occasionally I use them on their own.

I like to make my own toast toppers (I can live on the lemon curd), although I don’t do proper canning with an eye toward long-term storage. Although I’d like to and that’s maybe a project. But, here and now, I can do small-batch jam-making and not worry about it going bad.

This was the recipe I went with as a guide. It worked out well enough and it was easy, but it lacked a little… pizzazz. I think next time, I’ll either add another fruit or some spices.

The recipe is easy, but it does take time in that you are macerating the cranberries overnight and thus can’t decide last-minute. Although, between us, you totally could.









One thought on “cranberry jam

  1. For more “life” try adding much more unminced lemon rind to the cooking stage. Remove the extra rind before macerating. Also, squeeze in some lime juice.

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