hot lunch

Erm. Still here.


This is my thermos. It’s a 10-ounce Nissan that I got at Zabars but you can get at Amazon and other places for under $20. It’s terribly handy as it fits easily in a brown paper bag and in a backpack (or purse) and provides a hot lunch without breaking the bank or requiring much (any) effort on my part.

The key is leftovers, pre-portioned and frozen.


The container up top is my measuring cup, since it holds roughly the same amount as the thermos (the container is 330ml and the thermos is 370ml, so I can overstuff the container a little). I measure, stuff into ziploc baggies, stuff the baggies into a larger freezer baggie, and I’m good to go.

In the morning, I can pull one out, throw it in the microwave, and put up a little extra water to boil when I make coffee (I use a french press) to heat up the thermos, and it’s ready to go by the time I finish my cereal.


The same veggie chili and rice frozen and ready for the nuker.


Since I am eating for one but cooking for a few, I have a decent array of leftovers. Pasta primavera, above.


Sometimes, of course, there is no hot lunch. There is peanut butter and jelly.


A good use for those magazine subscription cards – sandwich protectors.


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