scenes from a kitchen

The day in food, more or less. You don’t need to see my cereal.


I used to cook my kumquats. Now they never last that long. I haven’t found the big containers this year; I bought these loose and at a more dear price. But they’re such good snacking.


Last night’s steak au jus is today’s steak sandwich. Last night it was lettuce wraps, today it was slices of homemade bread. Both times with nothing but fresh cilantro.


My $2 tuna steak. It was supposed to be $12.99/lb, but the clerk was distracted and charged me at the rate of the sardines he’d been selling to the guy before me. I didn’t realize until the check-out line, although I am not sure I’m a good enough person to have gone back and gotten it corrected.

I feel obligated to point out that I don’t normally have steak for lunch and tuna for dinner. I don’t normally have either, actually. Apart from Pesach seders and a tiny lamb burger, I haven’t had any kind of meat in April at all.


A little salad. Or not very little. This is a pretty big bowl.


They were selling these 2/$5, which was the same price they’d been selling the little boxes two days ago. I am awash in blackberries.


One thought on “scenes from a kitchen

  1. The salad looks cool. the only things missing are Fairway’s Tuscan balsamic vinegar and their house brand olive oil! I’ve always thought of qumquats (or kumquats) as wildly over rated, I seem to be in the minority.

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