spanakopita με matzo


“Inventive, but so wrong,” I believe was the phrase used. Which didn’t stop the (Greek) Best Friend from taking a second piece.

I’d been planning on making spanakopita with matzo since last year, when I found this recipe too late to use for Pesach 2008. It’s fairly straightforward as written and the taste was fine, but I will adjust it next time because the directions say to add two cups milk and then, essentially, take two cups of milk out and waste them by soaking the matzo (you don’t need to soak the matzo, you just need to get them moist the way you would with matzo brei).

That irritation aside, it was fun, tasty, and not only made good luncheon spread fare, but also was a fabulously easy and convenient lunch to take along to work Pesach week.


The first layer getting laid down.


All ready for the oven.


After the oven. Underneath is the ubiquitous matzo toffee, which I ate far too much of, gave away not enough of, and ended up throwing out a bunch because it’s almost spring and you can’t hide fat under a coat anymore. 


Close-up of the top.


Sliced when warm.


Cut up and ready for bento (yes, even more cross-cultural inappropriateness). The other half of the egg and a piece of lettuce kept the curried yogurt-mustard-honey dip from getting all over the place. The spanakopita’s a little darker on top in this picture because I toasted it (already sliced) before packing it.


4 thoughts on “spanakopita με matzo

  1. Matzo(h) lasagna’s a thought. Probably vegetarian, or at least with only meat sauce; the matzo(h) certainly softened between layers, but I’m not sure how well it would handle serious lumps.

    • Thank you so much!

      The bento is a BIOKIPS, which is made in Korea according to the underside. I picked it up in a Banzai discount shop, but it’s probably available online.

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