the big chicken post


Dinner for one. No, seriously.

The Big Supermarket was having a sale on Purdue oven stuffers and, hey, nothing says ‘common sense’ like tossing an eight-pound chicken into the backpack along with ten pounds of flour and a giant cabbage when you’ve got a bad back… Which is how I ended up with an eight pound chicken. For one.


The goal for the exercise was to produce a chicken Just Like Dad Does It, since Dad does it pretty darned well. So I called him to verify dressage (garlic powder, paprika) and temperature (375F), although he gave me very false hope with regard to how long it would take.


More than two hours later… One purty bird. And the first instance of my accidentally managing to do it Just Like Dad Does – the onions are perfect but the potatoes are underdone.


This was not the ideal way to make gravy, but it came out fine. I used Wondra flour, which helped, and Old Bay and other stuff and it turned out quite familiar (probably because I learned the ‘stand in front of the spice cabinet and throw in what looks interesting’ approach from the Paternal Unit).


I made biscuits, which Dad would never do, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. They’re not supposed to be drop biscuits, but they ended up being that way.

For some reason, I don’t have a good picture of the carved bird (okay, so my carving wasn’t looking terribly pretty and I made a wreck of one drumstick), but it was fabulous. Juicy and tasty and perfect.


Nonetheless, after a few days of chicken for lunch and dinner, it was time to get on with the getting rid of the remains of an eight pound bird that only one person has been eating.

You’re allowed to see this carcass because it’s not supposed to look pretty.


The bird got split up into three categories – the nicely sliced meat for subsequent meals, the bits and chunks to be thrown into soup, and the carcass for making stock.


You’ll notice the wings are in there. I don’t eat chicken wings, so they’re stock material and not a future meal.


And then I made a cheese omelet (yes, it’s tinted green – coriander chutney) with toaster-roasted potatoes and peppers and nuked spinach.


One thought on “the big chicken post

  1. The Old Bay (or is it OLD BAY ?) is just a seasoned salt, but it is better than most because it has more seasoning and less salt than the others.
    Another method for way too much chicken is to roast half at a time. Cut through the chicken the long way (use a large serrated knife to saw through the backbone….a bread knife will do…..or have the store do it for you….for a buck tip, the fellows in the back of the meat dept will gladly cut through the bird with a cleaver.) Roast the half with the pop-up device first and note the time, write the time on the package of the half destined for the freezer.
    The chicken looks good.

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