Is an open-faced calzone still a calzone?


Occasionally, on Friday evenings when I don’t come home ravenous and willing to eat the first thing I reach for in the fridge, I like to make pizza. It’s rarely proper pizza – either by NYC standards or, you know, anyone’s standards. It’s more often whatever veggies I have that’ll work, onion, and whatever cheese is to hand on top of dough. I do occasionally make pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella, but not often.

This wasn’t made on a Friday, nor is it really pizza.


An unnecessarily artsy shot of leeks and red pepper in my new skillet, plus the dough rising in the rear. I really have used this skillet for something other than onion-related items.

I tend to partially sauté whatever vegetables I’m using and then just throw everything in the oven long enough for the dough to cook and the cheese to melt.


I use the same dough recipe as a base, but sometimes I futz with the types of sugar and fat. I think I used honey and shortening this time. No matter what, though, this is a reliable, flexible, forgiving multi-grain dough that’ll work for calzones or flatbread or whatever. It makes less than a pound, which is good for when you’re not interested in making a large pizza.


The folded bits popped up a little; this isn’t the right dough to make a galette; I’m not sure why I decided to fold it over. The cheeses – freshly-grated parmesan and fresh mozzarella – melted nicely. I’m remembering to cut the fresh mozzarella small enough to sprinkle, since you can’t really grate it.


I did not use the Pizza Wheel of Doom on this.


One thought on “Is an open-faced calzone still a calzone?

  1. Try reserving about 1/4 of the dough; prepare the calzone in a glass pie plate as above, then make quick lattice top. It has been my experience that most pizzaria calzones aren’t fully sealed, they leak cheese juice.

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