Holiday baking, Christmas Edition: Chocolate Chai Snickerdoodles


For a couple of years, chocolate chai snickerdoodles were my default chocolate cookies, but I haven’t made them an awful lot in the last while – Christmas, basically – and I always forget how awesome they are.


They do require a little bit of extra effort. Stripping cardamom pods is, without a doubt, my least favorite part of making these. I don’t hate it enough to resort to buying ground cardamom, but it’s tedious detail work. (And after my critter adventures this year, the results bring back far too many unpleasant memories.)


Spices, cocoa powder, sugar. And another shot of my newly-organized recipe binder. It’ll be back to looking like my high-school notes by February.


You mix the spices and sugar together, then scoop out half a cup to use as rolling sugar. I find half a cup to be much too much, but otherwise the cookies themselves will be too sweet and I can usually find something else to do with the spiced sugar. (If you take sugar in your coffee/tea, that would work well, but I don’t.)


Well-chilled from two days in the fridge and ready to go.


Rolling cookie balls in sugar is much easier and faster in a plastic bag – drop a few in, shake it all around, you’re done.


Flatten them out a little and you’re good to go.


One thought on “Holiday baking, Christmas Edition: Chocolate Chai Snickerdoodles

  1. I made my (in)famous chocolate brownie drops to give as gifts to friends and neighbors and got compliments from every one. I hadn’t made them in ages, and was used to cooking with gas, so I was worried that this batch wouldn’t come out very well, but *whew* they came out great — just like Mom used to make. Thanks for supplying the snickerdoodle recipe. I need to try them.

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