weekend random

Two unconnected items I’ve been meaning to share:

Thermos My new thermos. It’s a 10 oz food container (currently out of stock at Amazon, but I got mine for less at Zabar’s) from Thermos. It’s a little bigger than the warm-food container in my bento kit, plus it’s all metal and seals completely, so it’s pretty perfect for the entree part of lunch at work. The metal stays cool to the touch even with boiling water inside.


pomegranate The second item is a link to Jaden Hair’s demonstration of how to open a pomegranate, since they are still reasonably cheap in the market (or at least the one I go to after work is still selling them 3/$5). The video’s from her appearance on local morning television and the takeaway point is to work under water. I don’t remove the tops and bottoms, usually just quarter the thing, but it’s a fantastically neat and fast way to get yourself a bowl of pomegranate seeds.


2 thoughts on “weekend random

  1. What a lot of trouble to peel/open a pomegranate. It is much easier to open a large sheet of newspaper and to separate the seeds/fruit from the internal membranes by hand. Alternatively, pomegranates, mangoes and other messy fruits can be eaten while sitting in a bath tub.

  2. The only extra effort is to fill a bowl with water — otherwise, it’s the same thing but submerged. And you can (or at least I can) work faster because you don’t have to worry about flinging seeds or drops of juice anywhere as you strip the membranes. Plus, no clean-up afterward.

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