slightly less evil brownies


I have waxed poetic about my default brownie recipe — it’s idiotproof, it’s delicious, it’s forgiving, it’s easy to clean up after. It also starts off with four ounces of chocolate and a stick of butter and goes from there. Now while such a beginning is certainly an auspicious one, sometimes you’re just not as eager to present yourself with so much opportunity for caloric regret.

These brownies are rather more involved, but turn out fabulously for a fraction of the guilt — not a small fraction, but any number less than one is good. As you can tell from the picture, I undid some of the good works by adding peanut butter chips, but I also cut smaller pieces than suggested.

I went high-end with the chocolate — melted down some Dagoba, used Valrhona powder — but I see no reason this shouldn’t work just fine with whatever you’ve got to hand.

Out of interest in being a good blog-neighbor, I won’t reproduce the recipe here, but I will say that I did my own thing combinatorially — I did everything in the KitchenAid, starting with the beaten egg white (soft peaks) and then the egg and vanilla, then the white sugar, brown sugar, nonfat yogurt, and then the rest of the dry ingredients and then the chips. It came out just fine. I baked mine in an 8-inch square pan and it took longer than 22 minutes, so you’ll have to adjust for pan size and oven reliability.


I cut my brownies into sixteen pieces once it had cooled and froze the entire lot; they defrost quickly and you don’t have to worry about either temptation or drying out.


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