oatmeal quickbread


Best you see the ‘after’ first, since the before would not exactly excite you about baking this bread.

Recipe from here, reproduced faithfully with the exception that I added an extra quarter cup of un-ground oats, an extra half-tablespoon of honey, and I let it sit twenty minutes or so before dropping it on to the sheet for baking — it comes out goopy and you have to let the solids absorb some of the liquids before trying to work with it.

This is not bread-bread. This is quickbread, which I find to have very limited uses. But this version works excellently as breakfast toast. I’ve been having it with the aforepictured cranberry-raisin confit and with orange marmalade and it’s quite nice. Good for a weekend breakfast supply. Also, it can hang out on its side without covering, as it is very moist.

Right, so all that good stuff out of the way, what it looks like before:



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