peanut butter cups

rc_crosssectionBefore I was ‘burping’ the chocolates.

Truffles are supposed to be easy because ganache is supposed to be easy. Bittman says so. I’m still not quite at the ‘easy and effortless’ stage, however, mostly from lack of practice, and so while I had cream and a couple of pounds of high-end chocolate, I opted to test out the mechanics of filled-chocolate making with something I’d rue less if it got wrecked. (Not that you can go wrong with high end chocolate and cream…)

I worked loosely from this recipe, but I picked up some smaller candy papers at NY Cake Supply, so no monster candies.

chipsGarden variety supermarket semi-sweet chips. With bloom. For subsequent tries, I think, I will add a bit of cream here — the finished chocolates are just as hard as these, which is a consistency that’s fine in tiny nibs, but a little tough to get through when molded into larger chunks.

rc_melted_chocolateA minute at a time in the microwave, plus stirring. Err on the side of caution.

empty_papers1They’re a little hard to separate, so a few got warped or doubled-up.

rc_bottoms_softI went back and forth over whether it was important to go up the sides with the chocolate, so I tried it both ways. In the end, I think it’s probably dependent upon the filling — a soft filling, I’d go up the sides, but a firmer filling probably doesn’t need the effort expended as you can mold it such that it’ll stay in the middle and you can get chocolate all around the sides.

rc_bottoms_hardAfter a quick freeze.


rc_filledAnd the rest of the chocolate added. The more free-form ones in the rear are prettier, but they are also the ones I didn’t try to get the air bubbles out of, which is how they ended up looking like the cross-section above. The ones o the right and then the ones that didn’t fit on the plate got properly burped — and flattened on top as a result.

I don’t have any more pictures of them once finished, so you’ll have to refer to the top or to yesterday’s post. I ended up cutting them in half for the party because I was worried about the chocolate being too firm, but they seemed to disappear quickly enough.

The other thing to disappear quickly were the fudge drops, which I think might be called ‘baby soul cookies’ from here on out after I got asked “What did you make these out of? Baby souls?” — as a compliment. I’ve made them before on the blog, so I will just show off the chilled dough and one of my two new cookie scoops. Much easier to handle sticky dough.



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