tomato cilantro soup


I had a little bit of cilantro left over from the falafel when I came across this recipe (scroll to the bottom). With cilantro and some hot pepper, it’s a nice twist on the usual tomato soup. (Although I should confess that Campbell’s tomato soup is still my ultimate comfort food — thanks, Aunt Rose.)

tom_cilantro_ingredients1Most of the key ingredients. There is no jalepeno because my pepper was a little further gone than I thought. I subbed in a dollop (a soup spoon) of some jarred salsa verde and I really liked how that came out. The other switch I made was to use broth instead of water, but that’s almost a default replacement — there are times when water is a necessity, but very few times when it’s the most preferable option.

tom_cil_midwayThis is an extremely unphotogenic soup, but it’s got other features.

tom_cil_unblendedThis is what it looked like when it was done according to the recipe. I thought it was a little too chunky and the broth a little too thin, so I used the immersion blender for a little bit. Not a full puree, but enough to give the base some substance.

tom_cil_doneStill not gorgeous, but extremely edible.


One thought on “tomato cilantro soup

  1. An excellent sub for jalapenos is 1/4 cup of sweet pepper and the desired amount of hot sauce. I usually add the hot sauce at the last stage so that I can taste the sauce not mere spice heat.

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