scenes from a kitchen

When I’m not posting, it’s because there are only so many times one can blog about Swiss chard and Brussels sprouts. I didn’t used to like Brussels sprouts; it was one of the only green things I didn’t like — I even liked lima beans! — but now I love them. Broiled or roasted is excellent, but a quick nuke in the microwave is good, too. The key is to not overcook them so that they stay sweet and don’t start to smell like boiled cabbage.

apples_potatoesSmoked paprika on the apple, Old Bay on the potato, spray grease on both. Stuck in the broiler. Very good comfort food.

zucchini_fritters_doneZucchini fritters. Meh.


Veggie pizza — caramelized onion, zucchini, red pepper — alongside the only really dangerous implement in my kitchen. I worry less about slicing off a finger with the mandoline side of my box grater than I do with my pizza cutter.


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