rehabilitating dented fruit


A couple of adventures with aesthetically challenged fruit. Or, The Joys of the Reject Rack (produce edition).

Mango sauce with orange and apricot
mango_bowlA recent find at the Otherwise Shady Market was a four-pack of mangoes for $.39. There were no moldy spots, just some bruising, but the bruising was enough that they would have molded by the time they were ripe. Unripe mangoes, sliced up and served with lemon juice, salt, and pepper are fabulous, but these weren’t so much unripe as underripe. So I cooked them.

mango_panI gussied up the mangoes with some of that miserable Splenda-sweetened apricot preserves and a moderate dollop of orange juice concentrate.

oj_containerI don’t really drink OJ, but I always keep concentrate in the freezer. I usually use it for fruit sauces and occasionally for carrot soup and whatever else. (If I liked cooked carrots, I would use it for glazed carrots.) And, if the urge to make OJ strikes, it’s just a teaspoon in a glass.

mango_packedPacked and ready to go. The mangoes weren’t ideal, so this wasn’t exceptionally mango-y. But there’s no doubt what it is.

Apple-cranberry sauce

Three peeled apples — two bruised Macouns, one unblemished Empire sacrificed because I find them too sweet to eat raw — frozen cranberries (I’ve started restocking), some cinnamon bits and a few cardamom pods. I added a little bit of sugar water — could’ve gone with jam, but didn’t think of it in time.

applesauce_finishedI cut the apples large-ish, so the cranberries started bursting before the apple was quite ready to go. I like my applesauce chunky, so there was no mashing involved, just retrieving the spices.


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