fresh pasta, take one

I found the pasta machine last year, but I haven’t used it before now. Mostly because fresh pasta requires lots of space and lots of hands and while I can clean off enough horizontal surfaces to make do, I’m still short of hands.

There are no shots of the pasta machine in action, mostly because I need one hand to turn the crank and (at least) one hand to catch the pasta and that leaves no hands to take the pictures. I used the linguine/tagliatelle ‘side’ of the cutter, but I didn’t roll it as thin as it should’ve been for proper linguine — the lack of extra hands was a factor, plus I was lazy. What I ended up with was really more like flat spaetzle.

But if you squint, it could pass for the real thing.

Funny looks aside, served with homemade sauce, basil from my plant, and steamed veggies, it worked out quite well.

I’d like to try ravioli — I found the ravioli press, too — and that might be a little more reasonable considering I still only have two hands.


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