party plates



In the winter, I live on soup (consider that a warning for what this blog will feature in colder weather) and have been meaning to pick up a few oversized bowls to supplement the two I own, since I still have a dishwasher and don’t run it often enough to avoid re-washing. And I’m lazy.

A Labor Day sale at Macy’s, a $10 coupon, and a discount for using my card later, I am the proud owner of half a dozen Fiestaware bowls. What’s on display here: two Chili Bowls (the peacock and scarlet), one Chowder Bowl (the stunning cobalt), two Gusto Bowls (turquoise and cinnabar, which are larger than the chowder bowl, although it’s hard to tell), and one Medium Bowl in evergreen. The smallest holds 18 ounces, the largest 24, which is more than enough to contain a pint of soup without worrying that some of it’s going to spill from kitchen to table.

I’ve wanted to get some Fiesta stuff for a while — it’s colorful, it’s pretty, it’s nicely shaped, and I have white Corelle dinnerware and so any color is a nice complement. Fiestaware comes in forty colors, some retired, most gorgeous, and, since you don’t have to buy whole place settings or sets, you can mix and match. I think that’s part of the point, even. Macy’s probably had about a dozen or so colors, but I didn’t need that many bowls — I didn’t really even need six — and there was no way I was carrying home more than what I had. For, you see, Fiestaware is heavy. Heavy enough to be IBA insert plates.

That’s in ounces, by the way.

Coming from any color of Corelle, this is quite a change.

But it’s a short walk from the kitchen to the dining room table (three feet), so I’m not worried. Nor do I anticipate it replacing any weightlifting regimen. But it does make for a pretty presentation.


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