vegetable fun

Eating what is to hand.

Eating what is to hand.

I grilled over the weekend and there was actual meat involved and there are pictures. Just not tonight. Tonight, I show off the various ways to use up the rest of my cauliflower and demonstrate my giant chard.

I think I had vague ideas of making a stir-fry with tofu and everything, but along the way, I got distracted by chickpeas.

These chick peas have salt, pepper, and lemon juice and were but a snack while I was preparing the veggies. Very tasty.

This is the mother lode. The angle is deceptive, but that’s still a six quart stock pot (I think it’s six; it might be 6.5.) I have… not a reason, but at least a thought process for why I made so much. I measured out a cup, then thought I might want a little more in case I did something with them apart from snack on them. And they’re a convenient and tasty source of protein in a diet that too often lacks tasty sources of protein (and is reduced to trying tofu dogs). There was maybe 2.2 cups left in the jar I was using, so I just made the whole thing. Which is how I ended up with three pints of chick peas. I’m down to two. Unfortunately, I just put up some black beans for a recipe I want to try this weekend.

Right, so back to the cauliflower. Which was mostly taken up by the aforementioned tofu-less saute. What was left over ended up in my pickle jar, which is obviously not a jar. I have a Ball jar free, but the mouth is a little narrower and I have enough trouble getting my short little fingers in to dig out the well-pickled zucchini and carrots (what? I’m supposed to be using a fork?). As you can see, I have added some more celery and some radishes and, if you look north of the radishes, some string beans. Which are mostly eaten already. The radishes have lost their red to the brine, turning them a sad pale and the brine a lovely pinkish. Exactly like the raspberries did in my jar (actual jar) of booze-infused fruit. Yes, I do seem to have a marinating fetish; there’s a third jar of marinating items in the house, too. Pictures on that or not maybe later, since I’m quite sure the paternal peanut gallery will have something to say on that front regardless of how it turns out.

And now, the chard:

The stems were quite trimmed down; I’ve bought rhubarb skinner than they are. I also think I’ve kayaked with paddles smaller than those leaves. I should’ve put a ruler or something up for scale; the attached beet must’ve been the size of a bowling ball. I have a recipe for stuffed chard rolls that I really should use for this or its successor. In the meanwhile, I do with it what I always do with chard: steam it in the microwave.

What do you mean it doesn’t fit?

Of course it fits.

You just have to microwave it for two minutes. And then it totally fits.

And you know what goes great with steamed swiss chard? Apart from some radishes and a kirby I already started eating? Home fries done in the toaster.

… and chick peas.


One thought on “vegetable fun

  1. Hummus freezes well. Chick peas can be curried. They can be added to popular curry dishes such as aloo gobi to provide some protein.

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