re-learning the basics: pancakes



I haven’t made pancakes in forever. Possibly high school. Maybe even never on my own. I have a fabulous waffle recipe based on the one in James Beard’s American Cookery, so I’ve always defaulted to that when it comes to feeding guests and the occasional Sunday treat. Beard, of course, has a pancake recipe, but it has a lot of butter in it (so does the waffle recipe, but I’ve cut it down by almost half) and so I poked around online at the usual suspects to find something a little less of a guilty pleasure. I settled on this recipe for whole wheat blueberry pancakes, which actually has no butter in it. I made the adjustments as per the comments, although I may have erred too much on the side of liquid, as the batter came out a little runnier than I’d have wanted even after standing. I’d already added the blueberries at that point (yes, a beginner’s mistake; I could have dropped them on later for even spacing), so there was no adding more flour and then re-mixing in the KitchenAid.

My first batch. I knew to wait for the bubbles before flipping, but as you can see,I waited a little too long. The first batches weren’t charred, but they were dark. I got much better by the end. This was also my first time with the (very old) griddle, so I had a little bit of a learning curve there, too. Next time, less spray grease (puddle cleverly cropped from the bottom of the frame).

Still early on in the process; by the end, the pancakes were getting finished too quickly to go grab the camera.

There wasn’t a whole lot of lift to these, probably because I mussed with the liquid ratio. Nonetheless, they were hardly flat and held the very large blueberries — from my stash of frozen — without looking like an accident waiting to happen.

The plate at the top was both breakfast and lunch and I have a decent amount left over and tucked into the freezer. Before the next time, though, I think I will run this recipe against Beard’s and see where I can improve, if not the recipe then at least my techniques.


2 thoughts on “re-learning the basics: pancakes

  1. The grill that you are using is ancient Catteragus griddle from the ’40s and ’50s. It is the closest surface to the pro griddles found in coffee shops and diners. Best results are obtained by preheating until the surface is very hot prior to spraying on Pam or some equivalent. To reduce fat in pancakes, you can substitute apple sauce for up to half of the added oil in the batter.

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