Possibly up to no good

There are too many food blogs, too many good food blogs, and I have no ‘angle’ — I’m not completely vegetarian or kosher, I don’t have food allergies, I’m not dieting, I don’t cook for anyone but myself 99% of the time, I don’t actively try to come up with new and exciting recipes.

I like to cook. I am respectable at it, but no wizard. I am broadening my horizons to include more grains and beans. I don’t eat enough fish. I have an irrational love of anything in sausage casing. I am better at baking than at real-food cooking, but one cannot live on biscotti alone. Or at least do so without going up a dress size or three.

I live alone and don’t have anyone to share my adventures with on a regular basis, so this blog is me manufacturing an audience. You can read the stories and see the results, but while you can’t have a taste, on some days that might be a good thing.


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